Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lessons From Vacation

OK, I just got back from vacation and may have more on what I learned while there but it's late tonight so let's see...

1) Take a Cruise-- excellent value for what you get. All you can eat food, drinks, room (with four star service), transportation all included for less than you could get a comprabable hotel room for. is a good place to gather precruise info. We went Carnival five days.
A) Don't worry about what your ports of call are or where you leave from (the closest to you is fine.) The important part is the ship you are on.
B) Five days was plenty for us. Three would not be enough.
C) Make sure you get two twin beds (they slide together to make a king). Some rooms have one twin with one above.
D) Getting a balcony room or even a window is not important. You are not in the room that often.
E) Alcohol is expensive on the boat (since we don't drink...not a problem.)

2) When budgeting for your vacation don't forget to include tips for everyone. First, it is important to tip people who do a good job. It is part of their income, not extra. Second, tips add up fast. When you go on a Carnival cruise they will automatically bill for your tips. That's a good thing.

3) Budget for "Extras"-- clothes you'll need, extra toiletries, last minute car repairs, replacing things you'll forget.

More should come later.


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