Monday, July 03, 2006

Style and Frugality are Relative

I am not a particularly stylish guy (my alter ego on the other hand is VERY stylish). I wear jeans and a polo shirt around every day (I used to wear them to work but I sold my work so now I just wear them around until I make up some new work, which I am working on.) See, some would consider a Polo shirt pretty stylish because they get to wear around coveralls all day or must wear shorts and a's all relative.

I was visiting with an Aunt and Uncle and was talking about the fact that I'll look around for shoes that are $39 instead of $49 but I'll gladly throw down $80 for a good meal. The look they had on their face told me they thought $39 for shoes was high. I am sure that others would find $39 embarrassingly low and "Why would anyone ever be seen in public with $39 shoes." It's all relative...

My jeans are always the same brand... they get worn out and faded in about four or five months which I really love. They are I never pay more for $15 a pair for them. Thrift store shoppers would find me a really extravagant and uppity jeans wearer...others an unnecessarily cheap scrooge... it's all relative.

Next we have diamonds. Today I read a post about diamonds...lets see I think it was mapgirl.
Diamonds and gold are weird in my head. For some reason I like to buy jewelry at a jewelry store when I know they would be cheaper at some chain department or discount stores. I guess I need to get over that.... I could buy then buy more jewelry... and honestly browsing for just the perfect diomand(s) is really a blast.


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