Thursday, July 27, 2006

Italian Food, Trout, and Pork Loin

Homemade tomatoe sauce with a clear taste of Oregano full o f sliced chicken breast with Penne pasta....yummy yummy yummy.

The bread is great too. Great bread.

And we got two meals, including tip for $20 (we drink water when we go out.) So it's hard to argue with that meal... Italian for two, including tip for $20!

But two nagging things kept running through my head-- Trout and Pork Loin.

The pork loin was from the night before, the trout from two nights ago. On a sultry summer evening either one of those would have made an excellent sandwich. The thought of either one sounded good. It would have been an especially practical option knowing we were going to be gone for the next four days and that those dishes will go to waste....but there we sat eating Italian food.

Going out to eat last night was just one of those emotional things...we knew we were going to be gone so "we" didn't want to cook. I didn't even think of the leftovers until we were already sitting down.

So there went another $20, never to be had again.


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