Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ha! Saturday Night Live--- Investment Sketch

I'm watching Saturday Night Live and the dude puts up a pie chart and shows this lady what her investment diversification should be.

The sketch talks about "Investment Strategies for the Rest of Us." and "Why let the rich be the only ones to make money."

Their investment offices are accessible to all bus stops and they have free snacks.

The lady getting the investment advice is going to "Show my momma she was wrong about me."

Ah, yes, the advice the nice gentleman was giving her was to invest her money like this!

That's right, the lottery as an investment! Grrreeeattttt.

It's a fact thought that gambling can be very bad for people. Lotteries offer the the ultimate in false hope.

I was talking to my accountant last week about PF stuff and he said he has seen alot of people in this area hurt by the many new "casinos" we are getting. He had just finished working with a guy who won $60,000 in 2005 at casinos. He only had to play $80,000 to "WIN" it. For most people 20K at the casinos in a year would be devastating.

There are many many many ways that people are taken advantage of because of their inability or unwillingness to closely evaluate the facts.

Another post on this is to follow!


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