Friday, June 30, 2006

Out of Debt in a Day

I've been ruminating on this concept for several weeks. Ideas are like "convertible hair".... when the wind stops flowing you have to spend some time working the kinks out....I like these elipses thingys....

Anyway, this "Out of Debt In a Day" concept is one of those lines of thoughts that really brings tears to my eyes. The thought of being out of debt in a day gives one the feeling one gets when they hear their national anthem or when they see a new born baby or go to a wedding or get an extra check in the mail or hear the "I have a dream" speech (man, I love that speech).

Think about the statement: "I can be out of debt in one day." If you are in debt what does that do to your emotions? How does that make you feel?

OK, let's get past the feelings part- unfortuneately feelings don't pay the bills.

Here is how this works................... If you wake up tomorrow and never go another dime in debt for any reason then you are out of debt.

Thats right you are out of debt. You no longer use your credit cards to get by on or (cringe) finance furniture. The plastic has no more power over you because as of today you are out of debt.

You keep using your credit cards because you feel like you are so behind anyway that you have no other choice or because your minimum payments "make you have to use your cards." No more. You are out of debt starting now.

From this day forward you are out of debt and have started your savings plan. What's great about your savings plan is that you may be earning a 30% return on your money! Whatever you are paying in interest you get to keep a little more of with every payment you make.

You are not in debt any longer. You are now a saver.

Congratulations on getting out of debt today!


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